What is Minimal invasive Surgery

18 November 2019 / By Admin


Before we search for the doctors, first collect information about what minimal invasive surgery is, and other necessary details about the surgery. When you will understand about the surgery, then only making for the right surgeon will be easier to you. So let’s get started without wasting any moment.

What Minimal invasive Surgery is?

Minimally Invasive Surgery is a kind of least invasive surgery, makes the surgeon to deal with those techniques, which limits the sizes and reduce the numbers of cuts, doctors used to make while performing the surgery. Minimal Invasive Surgery can be proven as more beneficial as compared to the open surgery. If you will go through the minimal invasive surgery, it is safer as compared to the open surgery. In healing process, the minimal invasive surgery does not need much time for healing. Even it is less painful. If you want to go through the minimal invasive surgery, make sure to choose the best neurosurgeon in Jaipur.

Difference in between traditional and minimal invasive surgery

In the case of traditional surgery, the doctors need to make a big cut to see the body parts, which needs to be operated. In the case of minimal invasive surgery, the surgeon does not require to make large cuts. With the help of Microscope of Endoscope, the surgery can be done easily. In the process of minimal invasive surgery, the surgeon can operate without opening a lot of muscles and skin.
There are a few minimal invasive surgeries, which can be done via robotic technology too. It allows the surgeon to make a better control on the surgery. Other minimal invasive surgery is not done with the help of robotic assistance.

Is minimal invasive surgery safe to be done?

Minimal Invasive Surgery is done with precise cuts. There are Microscope and Endoscope which are used which helps in doing the surgery. In the traditional surgery, the large cuts can rise up issues in the surgery. Larger cut leads to lot of post operative morbidity which sometimes may lead to surgery failure also. The minimal invasive surgery is easy to complete with perfection. With the help of the tools the surgery will get completed within some time, and is less harmful also. It does not lead to cause much pain as compared to the traditional ones. So, it is safer as compared to the other traditional surgeries.

Advantages of Minimal invasive surgery

  • Smaller Skin incision that result in minimal scarring and better cosmetic results
  • Reduced blood loss
  • Reduced risk of muscle damage due to either minimal or no muscle cut
  • Discharge to  home quite early
  • Reduced need for post operative pain medication
  • Faster recovery

Looking for minimal surgery doctor in Jaipur?

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