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Spinal Tumor is basically an abnormal mass of cells, present in the spinal cord or spinal column. These abnormal cells used to grow at a uncontrollable high speed. Spinal tumors can be Benign and Malignant. Benign are those which are non cancerous, and Malignant are those, which are cancerous. Primary tumors arise in the vertebral column or in the spinal cord. The cancer spread one part to another in body to spine, which can snatch life of an individual. In spine, the tumors generally occur in a any parts, such as: Thoracic, cervical, sacrum, and Lumbar.

Spinal Cord Symptoms:
The symptoms of spinal cord are depending upon several factors. The type, size, and location of tumor are responsible for several symptoms. Not only the tumor is responsible for the symptoms, the age, health condition, and history of the patient can also be the reason of a few symptoms of spinal cord. The symptoms of spinal cord are:
  • Pain (most common and primary symptoms)
  • Numbness
  • Difficulty in walking and standing / Weakness of limbs
  • Loss of sensations
  • Spinal deformities
  • Urinary and Bowel problems
The symptoms are basically depends upon the location of the tumor.
Cause of spinal tumor:
There is no such cause is identified yet, which can prove for why spinal tumor can develop. The experts find out that, the defective genes in body can result to spine tumor. But till, it is not found that the genetic defect in inherited or generates over time. Even, the tumor can cause from environment too. There are many chemicals emitted in the environment, leads to cause tumor in the spinal cord.
Treatment for spine tumor:
If you are the one suffering from spinal tumor defect, there can be several treatments take place to cure the disease such as:
  •  Surgery
If in case, the tumor is limited in only one portion of the spinal cord, it can completely remove by the surgery.
  • Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy is done in the pills form, or can directly inject to the veins. In some of the cases, the drugs need to be given directly into the cerebrospinal fluid.
  •  Radiation Therapy
Radiation Therapy is required, when it comes to deal with the minimal tumor cells in the body. The radiation therapy is made, so that not any single tumor cell will retain in the body.
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