Head Injury Symptoms, Diagnose and Treatment

18 November 2019 / By Admin

What is a head injury?

Head Injury can be of any type of injury to the scalp, brain, and skull. Head Injury can cause due to any reason, from any accident, fall from height and assault. A few common head injuries are scalp wounds, skull fractures, concussions, and a few other ones. The treatments and consequences of head injuries can be hazardous or even sometimes leads to life-threatening too. That is why it is really important to consult neurosurgeons as early as possible so that your treatment will not get stuck in any problem and complications in the future. 

Types of head injuries:

Head injuries can be either closed or open. A closed head injury is the one, which happens without the breakage of the skull. An open head injury is also known as penetrating injury, in which something enters your brain after breaking your scalp and skull. It is hard to identify how severe and dangerous the injury is without physical examination and imaging of the brain. Sometimes, a minor head injury can also result in something very dangerous. All head injuries need to get assessed by NEUROSURGEON.

What causes head injury?

In general wordings, head injuries are divided into two categories, which are based on what causes them. The head injury can cause due to blows in the head, or shaking in the head.
The head Injuries, which caused by shaking, generally happens in infants and small children.
The head injury can be caused by:
·         Accidents (Motor vehicle, sports or any accidents)
·         Physical assaults
·         Falls  
From serious harms, the skull usually protects your brain. Sometimes, spinal injuries can also cause due to head injuries. That is why, make sure, whenever you will deal with any spinal or head issue, take consultancy from Neurosurgeon at the earliest.

Sign and Symptoms of head injury:

For head injuries, there are many symptoms which can be noticed, such as:
·         Loss of consciousness
·         Bleeding from nose or ear
·         Lightheadedness / Severe headache
·         Nausea / Vomiting
·         Confusion
·         Spinning sensation
·         Loss of control in muscles / Weakness of any limb
·         Convulsion
·         Abnormal movement in eyes / Vision loss
·         Changes in mood
·         Loss of memory

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